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How to Prevent and Eliminate Bad Breath When Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is the month of Ramadan is the month that is in wait-awaited by Muslims in the whole world. On arriving in Ramadan they rejoiced greet with fasting, as a form of obedience to Allah SWT. At the time of fasting usually terdpaat complaint that is often experienced by kebanyakand ari them is the problem of bad breath, bad breath or bad breath berbai is highly related eret and due konsidi dry mouth due to fasting. In addition it would make a person's mouth does not confident when it has to interact with other people. Then bagimana how to menghindri or eliminate bad breath? Before we discuss about how to eliminate bad breath, it would first we know in advance what exactly the bad breath.

In the medical world itself disebt with bad breath halitosis (bad odor from mouth). Bad breath might occur because it is triggered by several factors such as illness, smoking, food and drinks and much more. Especially when fasting is not makand am drinking bad breath causing bacteria become easier to develop. Even so you need not worry because this time we will explain about how to prevent and eliminate the bad breath when fasting Ramadan can you know, are as follows!

Here's How to Prevent and Eliminate Bad Breath When Ramadan.

Brush Teeth After Eating
As is usually always preferred to brush teeth after eating them at the time after iftar and sahur. With the toothbrush will help remove food debris that can trigger bad breath stinging. Do it well and make sure all the rest of the food is clean and does not trigger occurs mouth odor can make There is no confidence.

Many drink
In addition to regularly brush your teeth after eating, you can also try drinking water at least 2- 3 glasses at dawn. By drinking plenty of water is also one way to avoid bad breath when fasting, because the mouth in dry conditions. In addition to drinking water yangbbanyaks aat sahur also can keep the body from dehydration and the body remains in a state fit and healthy throughout the day, especially during fasting.

using Siwak
Perhaps for Muslims are not necessarily familiar with the name siawak. Siwak or toothbrush made from twigs of this tree is believed also effective to eliminate unpleasant mouth odor. According to a number of international studies proved that Siwak (or miswak, Sewak) is very effective for cleaning the mouth, and of course this is also recommended by the Prophet. Siwak is now used as an ingredient in various types of products related to oral health and hygiene.

Eating Green Tea is currently open and Sahur
Tips latter is to be useful to eliminate bad breath when fasting is a way to consume the green. Green tea contains an active substance called catechins that can kill bacteria in the mouth, and remove sugar from the plaque and remove bacteria that cause bad breath. Lavender flower tea is also renowned able to control and kill bacteria that cause bad breath.

Now that's an explanation on how to prevent and eliminate the bad breath when fasting you can do.
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