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Amazing Facts About Dates Can You Go

This fruit may already be familiar to you ie the palm fruit. If once this fruit only can we find in the desert country like Saudi Arabiah and surrounding areas, is now we can meet in the country of Indonesia. This fruit flooding the Indonesian state especially during the month of Hajj and Ramandhan. To find out more details about the date palm fruit on this occasion we will explain the amazing facts about the palm fruit. It is said that the story of the inhabitants of the desert is an area where the palm fruit is cultivated. Bermuncula many unique and interesting story that supposedly if in the desert areas are not overgrown palm fruit then people around will be attacked by various diseases. Not only that there is an incident when the owner dies palm fruit, palm fruit cultivated or ditamamnya also died. Now that's a glimpse of the story about the uniqueness of the fruit kurama. But I want the material in this article is not it. But the amazing fact about the dates, including the following!

Palm tree is one of the ancient trees that still exist today. Palm trees sekisar itself can only live up to 100 years. Palm tree was first cultivated in Mesopotamia since 4000 BC and the 18th century has begun cultivated worldwide. Palm tree has been tried planting in Indonesia but did you know phon these dates can not bear fruit like the date palm planting in the state, or landless barren desert. Another fact is a palm fruit palm fruit is also one of the fruits that are very durable. If the general has matured fruit will rot or not durable. But this is directly contrary to the palm fruit. The more mature palm fruit will make the palm fruit into a long lasting up to many months despite being in the quotation from the tree. This is because the palm fruit has a water content that is relatively little compared to the fruits in general. It also makes the palm fruit into a long lasting when stored without preservatives though. Can last 9-10 months if stored in the temperature of 6-11 degrees Celsius.

Dates are the fruit of a very privileges compared with other fruit. Because in the palm fruit meets all the nutritional needs of the human body. Which are rich in natural sugars such as glucose, fructose, and sucrose. Besides the palm fruit also still has a relatively high fiber content in it. There are two types of fiber that is in the palm fruit is soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. The soluble fiber role in lowering blood sugar and bad cholesterol (LDL) so that this type of fiber will help control diabetes. While the role of insoluble fiber increases the volume fases (feces) thus decreasing the intestinal transit time and the younger was issued. On the content of these fibers, the American Cancer Society recommends eating 20-30 grams of dates (the equivalent of 2 palm fruit) every day. So because of that palm fruit can help fight various diseases in the body of one of them are heart disease, anemia, diarrhea and many others.
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